Prince George's County Residential Parking Program

By Dianne O. Harris, Residential Parking Program Manager

The Residential Parking Program is a quality of life program established in Prince George’s County in 2012. The program started with 12 parking zones; to date there are sixty-five residential parking zones. The program sets up parking restrictions in residential communities to restrict vehicles from parking between the hours of 6:00 pm until 7:00 am. The program erects signage to alert the parking public of the restriction time and days.

Parking enforcement officers utilize data from a license plate recognition (LPR) software program. The Residential Parking Program is growing as we respond to increased demands for the parking restriction program. The increased demand is a by-product of several demographic shifts. Property management policies are changing to reduce the number of parking spaces allotted to residents of apartment complexes. Increased occupancy when single family homes are converted to rooming houses further decreases the available parking spaces in residential neighborhoods. The trend of multi-generational families living under one roof is on the rise. The program is free for Prince George’s County residents and permits are re-issued every two years.

An exciting development is underway in the county!  The original legislation that created the Residential Parking Program prohibited the agency from charging for digital permits. Every Residential Parking Program in the state of Maryland charges a small fee for parking permits. Proposed new legislation will allow the agency to charge a fee for digital permits. If this legislation is passed, it will have a positive impact on the longevity of the program.

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